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Membership Options 

Below are the current membership rates for the 2020–21 season. The fees go toward the rental of our ice time at the New Hartford Ice Rink & the Whitestown Skating Rink. Skating Club of New Hartford reserves the right to adjust member fees.

For those who are moving up from Learn to Skate, please understand that being a Club Member is very different than Learn to Skate. Learn to skate is a special program designed to teach Basic Skills in group lessons with a certified USFSA coach. You must only use ice that is designated "Learn to Skate" ice time by your club.

Now that your skater would like to advance out of Learn to Skate, they need to pay the USFSA Membership fee and join a club to have access to the "Freestyle Ice" for practice and lessons with their private coach.

Annual Club and USFSA Membership Fees:

Annual U.S. Figure Skating and Skating Club of New Hartford Membership dues are both required to join the club. The figure skating year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Membership dues must be up to date before skater steps on ice.

You USFSA Membership fee allows you to become a member at any USFSA affiliated figure skating club throughout the world and register for USFSA competitions and test sessions. Once paid, your USFSA membership is good from July 1st until June 30th. You must renew your USFSA membership every year.

Your Club Membership Club does NOT buy you any ice time.  It simply makes you "eligible" to purchase an ice package from the SCNH. If you need more clarification on this, please speak to a Board member. 

















Click links below for information about purchasing Fall/Winter & Spring Summer Ice Packages.




For skaters who choose NOT to buy an ice package, Drop In may be an option for you. 

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