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Freestyle Ice Package

From October 11 to March 28 



  • Annual $50 fee for all full skating members


  • Individual’s annual USFS registration fees must be paid before skating on club ice.


Introductory Freestyle: $525 (2 sessions/week + style+stroking)

  • No-test skaters in their first year of freestyle

  • May skate only LOW, INTRO ice sessions on Sunday and Wednesday. Style Class is also on Sunday.

Low Freestyle:  $750 (5 sessions/week + style + stroking)

  • No-Test through Preliminary FS

  • No-Test through Pre-Juvenile MIF

  • No-Test through Pre-Bronze Dance

Middle Freestyle:  $750 (5 sessions/week + style+ stroking)

  • Working on Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile FS

  • Working on Juvenile and Intermediate MIF

  • Working on Bronze, Pre-Silver, Silver Dances

High Freestyle:  $750 (5 sessions/week + style+stroking)

  • Passed Juvenile Freestyle

  • Passed Intermediate MIF

  • Passed Silver Dances



  • Due to the Covid-19 situation, if the rink closes, fees will be pro-rated.

  • Payment plan:  $50 Admin Fee + 1/3 of total fee due at registration, before skating, with balance paid in two equal payments on 11/01 and 12/31.



  • OPEN sessions are available to ALL full-package freestyle members. (low/mid/high – not INTRO) Ice cap 17 skaters (monitor's discretion). 

  • Style+Stroking is included in all Intro and Regular Freestyle packages.

  • To promote safe and productive skating sessions, the club has identified specific sessions for various skill levels. Low and Mid/High test skaters must skate on sessions reserved for their skating levels.

  • Exceptions to skate on ice not appropriate for skater test level must be asked for in writing, in advance.

  • Skaters with FS packages are not restricted with respect to whom they contract for private lessons.



Joint Memberships

Available to full members of other USFS clubs to supplement their regular ice contracts:

  • Annual membership fee - $75

  • 1st hour of Freestyle - $150

  • 2nd hour of Freestyle - $120

 Collegiate and Adult must have USFS membership and may purchase specific sessions at Joint member rates or non-member punchcards. Please see a Board member to discuss.


Drop In Rates (based on availability)

Available to any USFS member, must show card:

  • $14 / session New Hartford contract skaters

  • $20 / session (45-60 minutes, generally)


Punch Cards – Covers 10-regular season drop-ins

  • $120 – Full SCNH Club Members (FS or LTS)

  • $180 – All others

Jump Harness

  • Harness may be used in 15 minute increments if there is a waiting list.

  • The harness may be reserved up to one week in advance.

Club Coaching Policy


Any individual providing skating instruction on club ice must provide proof of adequate professional liability insurance, appropriate level CERs, and  proof of current USFS membership.  Membership in PSA is recognized and encouraged but not required.


The Skating Club has a working relationship with a number of highly qualified skating professionals who are available to provide private lessons at ALL levels and in ALL disciplines of individual skating.


We encourage our member skaters to utilize these skating professionals whenever possible. INTRO Freestyle skaters are especially encouraged to approach club affiliated professionals regarding interest and availability prior to exploring guest coach options.  


Please speak to a Board Member if you have any questions or concerns.



Style / Exhibition Class


Sunday Evening Classes – 7:20pm – 7:50pm

Wednesday Evening Classes – 5:25pm – 5:45pm

Classes begin on September 29, 2019

  • All Full and Introductory Package Freestyle members are encouraged to regularly attend these skill enhancement classes. These are included with your membership at no additional cost.

  • $120 for joint and non-member skaters to join STYLE class for full season.

Style class works on posture, power, technique, and a variety of basic movements in a group setting.

Exhibition focuses on presentation and development of a group program to perform in a variety of settings.


Complete and sign the following forms & bring them to our club or contact

      or click here to fill out Reg Form


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