for exclusive ice time, private lessons with professional coaches, friendship, and fun!

Why join the club?

  • A friendly and encouraging environment to develop your skills

  • Access to private lessons with our wonderful team of professional coaches

  • More space (versus public skate or Learn to Skate), more freedom of movement, and more productive practice

  • Advance your skating to the next level by representing our club in competitions

  • Take the spotlight in our Exhibitions

  • Enjoy a complementary subscription to USFS Skating magazine

  • Make friends, have fun, and get the most out of your skating experience!

Club ice

Club ice is available for practice and private lessons with a professional coach. Private lessons can start at any time and at any level. You can also take private lessons while participating in the Learn to Skate USA program. 

Club rules and code of conduct

The Skating Club of New Hartford is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for skaters’ physical, emotional, and social development and ensuring that it promotes an environment free of misconduct. The Skater Code of Conduct has been established to ensure the safety of all skaters using our ice to ensure quality practice time for all skaters who purchase ice from the club and who participate in all club-related activities.

  1. All skaters, regardless of whether they hold home club, associate, or non-member status, must follow and uphold the tenets in this Skater Code of Conduct regarding behavior on and off the ice. All skaters are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and be courteous toward their fellow skaters, coaches, parents of skaters, U.S. Figure Skating officials and guests.

   2. Our club is committed to promoting a positive and friendly environment for all skaters.                       Remember ‘The Golden Rule’ —treat other people like you want to be treated—with respect.

Guidelines for Dress and Equipment

Skaters are requested to wear figure skates on club ice sessions unless prior approval has been obtained from the Board. Protective equipment should be appropriate for a figure skating club ice session; skaters are encouraged to wear padding and may wear helmets or other protective headgear, as long as vision and hearing are not impaired.

For more on ice etiquette, safety, rules and guidelines, please view our complete Skaters' Code of Conduct. Please note: All skaters (and/or their parent/guardian) must review and sign the Code of Conduct as well as liability and medical waivers each year in order to have access to club ice.